About Us


The bar started with this philosophy of injury prevention via proper training of the nervous system.  Initially designed to prevent pitchers elbow, it has become much more than that.

“Athletics is the application of many muscle groups working together and training the nervous system to fire appropriately and powerfully. Even the strongest arm muscles are trumped when an athlete has to deal with elbow injuries, tendinitis, and inflammation due to imbalanced muscles in the elbow and weak grip strength.”

In recent years there have been many changes and technological advances in the equipment used in strength training and conditioning. Remaining the same has been the use of a round bar with certain ways of lifting it. Functional lifts that train the nervous system to use all the muscles involved appropriately are the best lifts, but current exercises that train the hand to be in a fist position with closed fingers and thumb provide limited benefit to the forearms and very marginal benefit to the muscle groups surrounding the elbow.

What we do:

Through understanding of the nervous system, the neuro-fascial system, hand strength, and functional training, Axis products were developed working with the best strength coaches and doctors in the country. The first Axis “Offset” Bar went through many design iterations initially with the University of Illinois. Prototypes followed with rigorous training. The benefits were tremendous.

The unique circumference and cross section of the Axis Bars along with the torque provided from an offset weight load creates the most functional and muscle burning exercises. While the natural ergonomics will eliminate pain, the torque will strengthen all upper body muscles, train the best grip money can buy, and reduce all joint injuries.


Who is Axis AthleticsTM?

Axis AthleticsTM, LLC is a company dedicated to providing the most innovative, functional weight training and rehabilitation equipment possible. Our products are patented and are backed by Training Professionals, Chiropractors, and Doctors of Neurology. We also submit our products to go through needle EMG research to provide data to our clients on how and why, our products work.

(Research can be found on the research page)


What is an Axis BarTM?

An Axis BarTM is the first weight training equipment made available that uses the natural bio-mechanics of the body to work with the nervous system. This equipment forces the nervous system to fire symmetrically and evenly throughout the upper body. This even firing across all of the joints and nerves of your muscles, allows your body to recruit more muscles in your lift. This helps you balance out smaller tertiary muscles that are neglected by conventional weight training. Once the weak link in your muscle chain is strengthened your nervous system will allow you to use your full muscle strength potential. Axis BarsTM are the best equipment available to become bigger and stronger like never before.

  • Axis BarsTM use rotation and torque to force the user to incorporate his or her thumb into the lift. The thumb is the vital part of this neural facial connection. The thumb is what activates this connection all throughout the upper body and even into the core.
  • Axis BarsTM are designed to make sure you can’t cheat yourself. We have moved the “Axis” of the weight you are going to lift out of the center of your hand and pushed it out to your finger tips. This makes sure you have to use your thumb. Otherwise, the bar will slide around in your hand and you wont be able to lift properly. Kind of a built in personal trainer.
  • Axis BarsTM are the best way to maximize your strength. You will be able to use less weight yet get stronger. Less weight will reduce the risk of you getting injured but with our unmatched muscle recruitment that our equipment provides, you will get stronger. You will also get stronger quicker and break through weight plateaus you might be having trouble with.
  • Axis BarsTM also train the brain. When you use our equipment and start maximizing your bodies neural facial connections these connections will get stronger as well. That means when you go to pick up a conventional weight bar your muscle memory will be there and more muscles will automatically fire due to that strong Axis BarsTM trained connection.

Remember: Brain=Spine=Core=Extremities and it’s a two way street. Axis BarsTM turn on the neural pathways to make these connections stronger. Thus, making you healthier and stronger!


Why Axis BarsTM?

  • Axis BarsTM are scientifically backed by doctors of neurology with amazing results in needle EMG studies.(Research finding can be seen on research page.)
  • Axis BarsTM will allow smaller muscles that are neglected by conventional weight training to grow faster and get stronger. Once weaker muscles in the muscle chain catch up in strength all your other bigger muscles can grow bigger and stronger. No More Plateauing!
  • The nervous system protects your muscles and joints from injury. When one link in the chain is weak your nervous system will in turn protect the body by reducing strength in other muscles to try and prevent injury. Axis BarsTM will help this by tapping into the same neural myo connection used to protect your body and fire it symmetrically to strengthen those neglected weaker muscles.
  • Training with Axis BarsTM will help strengthen and develop a stronger brain to muscle relationship. This allows for muscles to get bigger,fire faster, and become stronger.
  • Axis BarsTM allow fuller muscle contractions not only in amplitude but in frequency as well.